The Food Science Hour

Welcome to the first Food Science Hour -webinar. It is arranged by Teknologist Matforum from Norway, Livsmedel i fokus from Sweden and Elintarviketieteiden Seura (Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology). 

The Food Science Hour is an event focusing in the hot topics in the Nordic food chain. In the first event speakers are from the food and drink industries federations from each country. 


Opening words 
Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief Laura Hyvärinen, Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology

Security of Supply, Self-Sufficiency and Co-Operation in the Food Chain in Finland
Managing Director Mikko Käkelä, Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation

Trade is aid – are we missing the obvious solutions?
Business Policy Expert Patrik Strömer, Swedish Food Federation

Food Security in times of uncertainty. A Norwegian Perspective
Managing Director Petter Haas Brubakk, Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO) Food and Drink

Time for discussion and questions

Event will be in English. 

Event is free and open for all members of organizing societies.